SHOUT OUT LOUDSEvery now and then I do a spot of moonlighting from Audiojunkies when I’m asked to do interviews for certain publications or websites. For reasons unbeknownst to me it’s always Scandinavian bands that need generic questions thrown at them by me. When did I become the person to go to for our Scando friends? Why all of a sudden am I the only music journo with the capacity to string words together palatable enough for our Ikea-loving chums? And then I realised, it’s because I used to have a Swedish girlfriend. We split up because she wanted to go back to Gothenburgto study but now I know what really happened. Smacked with the grief of not being with me anymore, she set about trying to find little ways to remember me. She started off with small amounts of graffiti around Gothenburg, just things like “He used to like Moomins quite a lot” and sometimes “He liked the Ramones more than he liked me…”. She then printed up a load of flyers with my 10 favourite John Hughes listed films and posted it through the letterboxes of all of her neighbours. This obviously was a big deal in Sweden and made the local news. Collections of people started meeting up in local churches and youth centres to discuss the list, which spawned franchises all over Sweden, the biggest of which was of course the Stockholm chapter, which boasted 2600 members. It was at one of the Stockholm meetings, that a passing Danish couple became entranced by the list and brought it to Copenhagen where it in turn ignited riots throughout the city. Most of the fighting was due to the placing of Home Alone above Pretty in Pink. The controversy made headline news in Norway, where the Oslo chapter – also called ‘Shepherd’s Angels’, stormed the British embassy, killing 4 people in the process. Bands, inspired by this revolution began writing songs about The Real Troubles and now every band from that region is inspired by me. So this is the third time I have interviewed the Shout Out Louds, but it doesn’t seem nearly enough. I’d be happy to interview them every single day of my life, as their songs make me incredibly happy. Yes, I know it’s because the lyrics are all about me in some way, but sometimes I’m just happy to sit back on a bus and let the music take me over. If you haven’t listened to them before then I am incredibly jealous of you as you can discover them for the first time and listen in wonder at how one band can make pop music that perfect. Here follows a Shepherd’s Pi interview with Adam Olenius which is of course 9 music questions and 1 maths one! Enjoy!

JED: Hello Shout Out Louds! I interviewed you guys twice within a two week period a couple of years ago. The photographer paid a tramp £50 to use his huskey dogs in the photos. Remember? In the two years that have lapsed, have you paid for any more dogs and how has the band grown?

ADAM OLENIUS: We are better a band, better friends and foes. And about the dogs..not that I can remember but we were talking the other day about getting a dog for our next tour.

JED: I remember Bebban mentioning that she wrote short stories, mostly horror ones. How are those going? I think the story was about a man living in the roof of a girl’s house spying on her… Oh I have to ask her about that. We are living all over the world right now (she in LA) so I hope she writes one about a mysterious death of an old TV producer.

Adam: You guys are definitely one of the nicest bands I’ve met. Do you ever get on each others nerves at all? Who causes the most friction and why? All the time. We are mean bastards. I mean we know each other so well and know what buttons to push. But we are like siblings. The fights never last long.

JED: ‘Our Ill Wills’ has now become my favourite album by a Swedish band ever. It’s the most consistent anyway. How has the initial reaction been to it?

Adam: Really good. I like the way the album is a little bit cinematic and it seems like everyone out there likes it too.. Some people with a sharp pen thinks is too retro but we are not looking back. We are really proud of the album. Until the next one..

JED: When writing it, did you just want to make ‘Howl Howl Gaff Gaff’ part 2 or did you try something different?

Adam: I think no band or artist wants to make the same records again. We wanted to work more with the arrangement and let the drums and other intruments take a bigger part in the songs. We kept the same atmosphere that was on HHGG but we just made it a little bit bigger.

JED: The name of the album refers to the fact that everyone has secrets. Can you tell us a secret about each member of the band?

Adam: No.

JED: Björn Yttling (from Peter, Bjorn and John) produced the album and you call him the sixth member. What does he bring to the table that no other producer can?

Adam: He knows us really well and that was important for us at that time. He is the best one in Sweden and we wanted to record it at home in Stockholm. We wanted a more “rythmic” sound and he had the same ideas. And i like his band…

JED: Ted won an award for directing the video to ‘Young Folks’ (P, B & J). That’s great! Has he done anything else we may have seen?

Adam: We haven´t given him any vacation yet. But I ´m sure as soon as he get time to do some more videos the awards will be pouring in. He bought a new camera from Russia that is really good. He did a film for us in Tokyo.

JED: When I previously interviewed you guys you said that in the future you hope to write and sing a song in Swedish. It’s the future now! How is that coming along? Is the reason you have not done it so far due to the limitations – and less commercial opportunities – of not doing a song in English?

Adam: We have been working so hard to record and tour “OUR ILL WILLS” so there haven´t been time for that. But I have a few songs in Swedish well hidden in computer.

JED: Maths Question - Adam loves Swedish fish. He can eat 32 of them in an hour. His bandmate Carl needs 3 hours to eat the same amount. How long will it take them both together to eat 32 Swedish fish?

Adam: C´mon! How long will it take you to stop reminding me of school. I have to go to bed, it´s late. Bye.

If you want to learn more about Shout Out Louds then go visit www.shoutoutlouds.com and don’t forget to buy the new album ‘Our Ill Wills’ which pisses all over the new Coldplay one by a mile.

Words: Jed


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