SALLY SHAPIROThere is a controversial theory that Sweden is merely a conspiracy of cartographers. People who live in Sweden are really in the basement of a really big ship with lots of turn right signs and astro turf. Those who wish to visit Sweden on their holidays are instead flown to a BBC studio where they are drugged, hypnotised and brainwashed into thinking they spent the last two weeks in Ikea-influenced bliss. This motion is reinforced by the fact ‘Sweden’ want us to believe they have created a pop-monster in the guise of a charming young lady named Sally Shapiro. She is quite obviously either a robot and/or from Essex. If we were to run with this fabrication and put our trust in this new disco princess to save our ears, we might come out sorely disappointed when we discover her to be in fact mechanical. Nevertheless we have interviewed her in a Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Empathy Test kind of way… with a Maths question at the end. Uh huh, the first UK interview for Miss Shapiro, only on Audiojunkies! 

Jed: Hi Sally, is it true that you never do interviews? Why? 

Sally Shapiro: Obviously I do sometimes! But not real-life interviews. I’m very shy.

JED: Can I ask you your real name? Do you feel that your anonymity will be harder to conceal once you are really successful? 

Sally: My real name is nothing important, and I don’t think I will be that successful.

JED: That’s the spirit! Pitchfork has hailed you as the best thing since sliced Annie. Do you welcome this praise or do you feel that now you under a lot of pressure?

Sally: Nah, I think my producer is more concerned about living up the expectations…

JED: ’I’ll be by your side’ is such a beautiful, fragile sounding song, it will adorn Side A of many a mixtape in years to come. How would you classify your music? It’s more pop than disco no?

Sally: Thanks! Maybe you could call my music italo disco-influenced pop.

JED: Ok, I will! Every time I have been to Sweden I have noticed that there is the distinct feel of magic in the air. All of the old people fill you full of stories of Ogres and pixies filling every wood and riverbank. Is this just me or all Swedish people borderline mentalists? 

Sally: Oh this is a very magic country! I sometimes think I’m just a character in a fairytale!

JED: What music inspires you to write and sing and dance and play? There are some obvious retro references I could throw at you, but Id prefer you to tell me so I wont look stupid!

Sally: Our project is inspired by Italian 80s disco artists like Valerie Dore, Katy Gray, Savage and Fun Fun and also German artist Sandra.

JED: Do you ever play live? I was reading something Johan Agebjörn wrote regarding the fact no one has ever heard you sing “I’ll be by your side’ live yet? Is this still the case? Next time I go to Sweden we can sing Karaoke together if you like. We can do a Kylie and Jason song. I’ll let you pick which one you want to be!

Sally: Yes, sadly I still haven’t sung any Sally Shapiro song for anyone. So please don’t build up too high expectations about that Karaoke thing…

JED: You are quoted as saying : “I dance all nights long on small disco clubs and walk in the moonshine thinking about my love affairs.” Which is nice. Do you have many love affairs and does this influence your nocturnal activities?

Sally: Oh yes I have many love affairs, just listen to the album! And especially in the moonshine!

JED: Is there anything inspirational you could say to the Audiojunkies out there who are thinking of making cute little Italian Disco-Pop tunes in their bedrooms but are feeling disillusioned that their particular genre of choice will not be appreciated as much as say… Emo? 

Sally: There are thousands of italo disco fans who have been thirsty for new songs ever since the genre died in 1989. At the moment there aren’t many artists making this kind of music (in Holland/Belgium there’s a scene but that’s mostly for the instrumental stuff) so you will probably be welcomed!

JED: I always end on a maths question Sally, so here goes: If a rooster laid11 eggs and the farmer took 5 of them and another rooster laid 14 eggs and 5 of them were rotten, how many eggs were left?

Sally: I guess here is where I should say something funny? Anyway it was nice speaking with you!

You can check out our dear Sally in these places. Careful though, she is very shy and her website might be hiding behind a cushion or perhaps a magician’s handkerchief. http://www.johanagebjorn.info/sally.html


words: Jed Shepherd


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