MANDA RINMost of you will know Manda Rin from her swashbuckling jaunt as a percentage of the poppiest super-band BIS. Since Bis exploded in a blaze of sweet glory, Manda was briefly in The Kitchen (before it got too hot) and then finally onto data Panik. DP has now shimmied off this mortal coil, but their never released album will be uploaded to their website to buy some time in the near future. Yes kids, its another one of those concept interviews (with a maths question at the end) you know and love… SHEPHERD’S PI!

JED: Hello Manda. Just when I have finally got my act together and written some questions for this interview, you go and break up Data Panik. Why would you do something like that?

MANDA: it was a long and hard decision.  as we explained on the website, it was sadly just going nowhere whatsoever after over a year.  promoters wouldn’t give us good supports, no one would get us on festivals, not a single label got in touch, so it was just very, very weird!  i don’t expect major things, but that kind of response is quite rare.   very sad, as no matter how good we got, it didn’t make any difference.

JED:  So what’s your solo project all about? Is it going to have nice badges?

MANDA: It’s just my frustration at data panik not going anywhere!  i can’t sit still. i want to make lots and lots of music, and get on a train or plane to anywhere i can to play.  if it doesn’t work i can’t say i didn’t try.  it is dead scary though!  hehe, badges of course!

JED: What are the rest of the ex-data-panik members going to do now?

MANDA: john and steven still have their techno project Dirty Hospital, stuart will be doing his own material, and there’s nothing for graham as yet sadly.  

JED: Has this all made you a little disillusioned with the whole game? 

MANDA: a bit to be honest.  i know it will never be the same as it was with Bis, but i just want to have fun again.  i don’t want to have to ask for big guarantees to afford a van to drive to london in.  fun, fun, fun!

JED: Would you like to join a fictional band with me? We will be based primarily on Don Quixote and sing songs about Dragon’s falling in love with dreamy peasant girls. What can we be called? 

MANDA: sure!  Dragon’s Demise

JED: Who would you Kiss, Kill or Marry out of these lot: Emilio Estevez, Chevy Chase, Peter Crouch. 

MANDA: ooh, not so good choice really!  erm, kiss emilio, marry chevy chase and kill peter crouch for having a silly name.

JED: Picture the scene. You’re down to the last 4 girls on X-Factor and its ‘The Songs of Bis’ week. The token Mancunian girl has chosen ‘Kill Yr Boyfriend’; the token black girl is singing ‘Teen-C Power’; the token fat girl is singing ‘Sweetshop avengers’.. so what will you choose? Please bear in mind that the celebrity judge for this week is Drew Barrymore.

MANDA: Amazing question!  ‘monstarr!’  easy to sing and one to dance about like a loon to!

JED: Are there any artists/bands out there you would happily, without irony, recommend to the audiojunkies out there?

MANDA: CSS!  they are my fave band of this year without a doubt and in every sense!

JED: Do you have a particular stance on the whole peer-2-peer/mp3 filesharing debate. As an artist yourself, are you protective about your recordings and feel it is tantamount to stealing the pennies from your pockets, or are you happy that people are sharing your music with the world?

MANDA: i am protective of stuff a bit, but i do love technology and getting stuff to people.  i love MP3s but i have to say i prefer the legal ones.  it’s only fair, and it’s not too expensive to support.

As I was going to St. Ives,
I met a man with seven wives.
Each wife had seven sacks,
Each sack had seven cats, 
Each cat had seven kits.
Kits, cats, sacks and wives,
How many were going to St. Ives? 

MANDA: 2402?!  it’s like brain training!

words: Jed

(the answer was 1!)



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